In Nubila leopardo

You maybe be wondering what “In Nubila leopardo” means?

Plain and simply its latin for Joey ” The snow Leopard” Tonkin 🙂
For over the course of the next week I will be tearing it up in the french alpes at the Ski resort Les deux Alpes! If im being honest we all know the only thing I’m going to be “tearing up” is my knee and shoulder joints when they rip out of their sockets!
I 100% fully believe I will at least dislocate my left shoulder, because how would it not be possible to not dislocate it skiing but yet it easily pops out playing golf? (I can see how many double negatives are in that sentence but can not logically disect it correctly to be able to rewrite it as I have another issue hindering me right now).

I have really sore nipples!

This isn’t a joke, I literally have nipples that are so sore I have started to wonder if somehow I unwittingly consumed some kind of female hormone injection. Nobody has any idea as to what I’ve started doing differently over the last few weeks to be in this aching situation. However I’m a man “grrr” and I’m dealing with it quite well at the moment. For a few days I resorted to plasters over the painful area, however they got worse when I ripped them off, sigh! So logically my next step was to consult technology and so I brought up google and typed in the magic words, “Why do my” and before I could finish the sentence up pops the two most popular questions in the whole world.

Number one; “Why do my feet smell?” Honestly who the hell in their right mind is sitting at their work desk or chilling at home on the laptop and starts thinking…’mmm I know what I can ask google’! This literally left me speechless and thinking, WTF!

But then it dawned on me that question number two was what I wanted to know and people were probably thinking the same thing about that; Why do my nipples hurt?

At first I was like “wow” I cant believe how many other people have the same problem, so it actually made me feel better then I hit the search button and up popped hundreds of pages of women asking that question, none from men!

Needless to say, I turned the laptop off and then spent the next few hours checking every now and then to see if my “pecks” had grown. However so far so good, things are still normal just sore 🙂

Anyway back to skiing. This will be the first time that I have ever been skiing. Infact its going to be the first time that I have ever been on holiday to a place where sub zero temperatures are ‘normal’. This is obviously a worry for me because I am allergic to the cold. Everytime I get cold I come out in a pimpely rash. But I have all the gear (thank you TK Maxx) to keep me warm and snug. Not sure how its going to help me though when I drop in on the half pipe as there isnt much padding, just shit loads of pockets that make me feel like a squirrel and that I could probably store food items in the pouches that could last me a week! Which come to think of it isn’t such a bad idea.

Finally the poker challenge I set myself lasted all of 2 days. I just don’t seem to have the commitment to grind anymore. Maybe playing almost everyday for the last 5 years and not really getting anywhere is starting to take is toll on me. Apart from 2 moments, the first turning $200 into $2500 in one night then losing most of it back the next day, which happened about 4 years ago is the moment that stands out the most and the other ‘standout’ moment was last september when I won a $17 tournament for $1200.

I’ve realised that both these moments were inspirational in making me carry on playing and it made me believe that this could happen all the time. Obviously this isn’t the case as every month players are improving so dramtically that what worked last month doesnt wash this month. However I still love playing the game but for the rest of the year I am just going to treat it as a hobbie, and not dream of it as something that I could make a living from.

Have a good end to February everyone and hopefully my next blog post won’t be written from a french hospital ward 🙂

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