I want to be the EPT guest blogger because Poker is the dream that never dies!

When we were kids growing up we all had dreams, crazy dreams but nonetheless dreams that we believed were possible. Once you turn 18 you kind of know whether or not you’re on the right path to making these dreams a reality and by the time you hit 26 you know that it will most likely forever stay exactly that…….just a dream!
You may have been unlucky or maybe it was out of your control. Maybe your dream was to become a footballer or a rugby player but you didn’t make it because you was too short or you was not quite fast enough no matter how hard you trained! At the end of the day your fate was simply decided by one thing, genetics. Or if your dream was to be a doctor or a pilot it may have been derailed by a lack of financial wealth to fund you through university or even something simple such as a lack of twenty/twenty vision. The fact remains, when your dream dies a part of your soul dies with it………however not if your dream is poker!

What makes poker special is that there are no boundaries! There’s no one else stopping you from making your dream a reality apart from yourself. It does not matter if your 18 or 80, there are people of all ages from all walks of life in EPT London all with the same goal, too become the champion!

Obviously unless your Jason Mercier or Daniel Negreanu success doesn’t come gift wrapped under a Christmas tree 🙂 but if you are determined enough to make it then what’s stopping you? It might not happen in the next five years, and it may even take you ten but who’s holding a stop watch to your head? The great thing about poker is that there is no time limit (unless the clock’s been called on you) and you are only ever one step away from your dreams. Each and every day Pokerstars provides that opportunity to qualify and play live in the gladiatorial arena of EPT events! Nowhere else on the planet could you one day be sitting in your Batman P.J’s (not that I have any, cough!) and the next day be sitting at a table asking ELKY what hair products does he use?

EPT London is one of my dream events to attend. The atmosphere must be amazing and to be surronded by people who you admire and aspire to be isnt something that happens everyday. Also at the same time to have the opportunity to write about the competition is like giving a dog his own BBQ at the beach with a stick thrower chucked in for good measure, pretty awesome stuff.

I unfortunately won’t be participating in any events but it is a dream of mine that in time I’m sure will come true. As for now I would love to do the next best thing, live, breath, and write about the adventure that is Pokerstars EPT London!

Don’t just dream it………. Live it!

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