How to find cheap flights!

Below is a snippet about where to find the cheapest flights on the Internet from the Ebook that I am writing although its already taken me 4 months and so far I have only wrote 3,000 words! I keep trying to stay motivated but I have to admit I have the attention span of a goldfish! 🙂
Firstly if you can; try and plan your trip to arrive and depart during midweek as prices always go up at the weekend. However if you can’t which is the case for most of us just avoid booking or even searching on Mondays or Fridays! Yes it sounds a bit random but everyone feels the Monday blues and what better way to get over it than by booking a holiday! The same goes for Fridays when everyone starts relaxing for the weekend and their minds distract to other things such as thinking about holidays. Flight companies know this and inevitably increase their prices!
There are numerous websites out there to search for flights however the best ones that I use have to be and And here are the reasons why;

To begin with there are very few websites out there that allow you to search for multi-stop flights, however is one of them. Not only that offers trip management tools to store trip plans in one place, set alerts for price changes on specific flight routes or hotels over a certain time frame. Kayak specialises on searching for flights in the United States and as such will provide you with the best prices! * Use KAYAK if you ever plan on visiting the United States!

* However if your looking at flying in the opposite direction either long haul or within Europe then the best website by a long shot is skyscanner.
Why? Because this website provides features that no other flight search engine does. Firstly you can search for any dates. Normally on a flight search engine you have to put certain dates in with +/- 3 days either side. How are you going to know if its cheaper to go 7 days before or after or even wait until the following month for cheaper prices? Skyscanner answers this question by giving you two great options.

1) If you don’t mind when you plan to go but want cheap dates then you can search the whole year. This is what I did when I travelled to the United States. Skyscanner told me that mid September was the best time to fly out and the end of October was the best time to fly back. (I then used Kayak to book the flights on certain dates with multiple stops to Boston, New York, San Francisco, Vegas and Miami.)

2) If you know what month you want to go then you can search for the whole month! The other great thing is that you can search from anywhere in the UK. Unless you only ever want to fly from Exeter or Bristol once you’ve past Bristol there isn’t much difference in distance or time between flying from London or Manchester so by searching the whole of the UK you can compare where the cheapest places are to fly from!
*If your given the free option make sure you reserve seats nearer the front of the plane if you are scared of flying or plan on having a snooze. I learnt this the hard way by thinking I was clever and booking seats at the back of the plane, all for the sake of not having to walk past people if I needed the toilet. The problem with being at the back of the plane is that you feel every single bit of turbulence. Common sense should have told me there is a reason why first class and business class is located at the front of the plane but alas I’m not that clever!

Finally “RED EYE” flight times are the cheapest. Yes your flying at times which are either really late at night or stupidly early in the morning but the great thing about it, is first of all the airport you’re in will be lovely and quiet so if you feel like you need a coffee or a bacon bap you don’t have to worry about queueing up for 20mins and secondly because it is “red eye” time more than likely you are going to feel a bit sleepy and we all know falling asleep on a long haul flight speeds up the journey! Again there is a small downside in that most of the shops in the airport will most likely be shut but if you have a little shopping addiction like my fiancee then this will be a blessing in disguise 🙂
P.S Even if your planning on booking a package holiday check the flight prices first. By knowing the cheapest days to fly will mean your package holiday should also be cheaper!
Anyway I hope this helps if your ever planning a trip away. I will post my standard blog post later on in the month!

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