Holiday from hell?

OK So I apologise for not writing much in the last two months but to be honest I have spent most of the time watching all kinds of sport on TV.

Firstly we had the Euros, then there was the Tour DE France and as everyone knows we currently have the Olympics! I have been inspired and bought myself a secondhand bike (actually make that at least a thirdhand bike) made in the 1980’s by Peugeot. Who knew they made anything but cars!

Anyway I am cycling around 15 miles at a time now which takes just under 90 mins. My future goal is to be able to ride 25 miles in under 2 hours which is pretty reasonable but still child’s play compared to the 100 miles a day that they cycle on the Tour DE France! Below is the type of bike I have bought, but mine is alot more rusty! lol
The other reason I have decided to get into cycling is because I want to get fit and look ‘trim’ for my holiday, which just so happens to be starting next Friday on the 16th! I am looking forward to it but I have some major doubts. As it was an August holiday most prices were extremely expensive so after me and Emma agreed to go on holiday with my friend and his partner we decided to book with a company called

Firstly the flight is with Ryanair! The ultimate no frills airline. In fact the company is that tight they have proposed in the past to take out 2 toilets for more seats and even allow standing passengers as if you’re on the bus. Oh and if you need the toilet I’m pretty sure it’s going to cost you at least £1! Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining as I’m more than happy having a cheap flight however I am just giving an insight in to how badly wrong this holiday could turn into starting with the flights! 🙂

Secondly our hotel is at seaside studios Kavos! The picture on the right is our “air con” (fan on a stick). If you haven’t googled their hotel reviews yet here are some that I have taken from the holidays-uncovered website;

1)”One of the weirdest experiences of my life, I arrived with 3 other friends to find cockroaches and ants everywhere.. The toilet didn’t work unless you lifted the up the main frame and pulled a wire and the shower dripped out like a small african well. On the third day a greek man named Billy stormed into our apartment complaining about something that we have ‘ takey no asky ‘ and then a woman walked in and removed one of our beds.. I could continue on in this fashion but I have decided that it was one of the most incredible weeks of my life… GO TO THIS PLACE BEFORE YOU DIE.”
2) “We stayed in the rooms behind bargain booze; no air conditioning (the only way to sleep was to pass out drunk on the bed), everything in the room fell apart, there were bugs the size of birds, a man kept walking around the pool making seal noises…….by far one of the best holidays and memories I’ll ever have!!!”

3) “The worst accommodation ever. I have travelled many places and stayed in rooms, and basic accommodation in far out Indian and Bangladesh villages that were far superior in everyway It states 25yards from the beach in fact it is 25 yards from the sea – no beach, no loungers, no parasol in fact no nothing there. The sheets and towels were never changed, the bin in the kitchen area emptied once and the toilet bin never emptied. The room was so small that we had to move a bed to be able to open or close the door

4) The only time you were sure to see the ‘cleaner’ pronto was when someone had left, You were more likely to see the resident rat who did a fab tightrope walk on the power cables.

Well as you can tell some people are not very happy. It does make me a bit sceptcial about the location but after travelling to the states I realised that most people only ever write on these websites when their not happy. 90% of people who enjoyed their holiday can never be bothered to write it anywhere so fingers crossed that is the case here. If not I guess I will be spending most of my nights sleeping on a sunbed next to the pool! 🙂

* I guess this could become a holiday from hell or a bargain of a lifetime! Wish us luck!

P.S I don’t think Emma knows about these reviews so keep it ‘hush hush’!

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