Great Expectations!

If someone had asked me how did I want our engagement party to go then the answer would have been to perfection! And boy did it not disappoint. The turnout was tremendous the DJ and the band “Flipside” superb and the food delicious!

It was strange being the host and as much as I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t like to do it too often as you do tend to worry about the smallest of things. I suppose all you can do is let the night run its course and just enjoy yourself. From the reactions I have had everyone had a great time and I doubt it will be a party that will be forgotten in a longtime. Mainly due to the fact Emma tore her skirt up to her bum and I made myself sound even camper by serenading her 🙂

I felt so privileged that both families could come together to celebrate this moment and I do believe it was the first time that the Moyle’s had met the Tonkin’s and both family’s seeing the Handley family! That’s a sentence that could easily get muddled up, back to front and turned upside down! 🙂 However the best news overall has to be the fact that there was no fighting! lol.

Anyway before I move on I just want to say “Thank you very much” to Emma’s parents who organised the venue, food and DJ. Without their help I doubt Me and Emma would have put on a party half as good!

It was a defining moment and has given me a platform to now move ahead and plan for the future. My next goal is to save enough money to buy a house and then to have a wedding. I have been working hard over the last few months to make sure I put myself in the best position possible to be able to achieve this.

I have definitely becoming more financially aware of my own situation (Isa’s, savings, interest rates, etc) and the current economic and political climate. I am also trying to calm down my anger on both the poker/pool felt and golf greens almost to the extent that I have to be careful not to lose my determination to win and the desire to succeed! However I feel like it’s important to find the right balance of winning and being a good loser. The fact that I hate losing at anything makes this extremely hard but I have started to put perspectives in life against each game and accept that everyone loses, but I still long to improve and hopefully “chilling out” a little bit will help me do this and I will always be “Bi-winning”! Thank you Mr Charlie Sheen.

OK Just to finish off here are some details of my poker situation on

June 7th deposit: $50……..Goal by Christmas $1000

27/06/11 @ $367
29/06/11 @ $380
30/06/11 @ $383
01/07/11 @ $410
02/07/11 @ $465
04/07/11 @ $476
06/07/11 @ $504
11/07/11 @ $768
12/07/11 @ $813

I have had one 2nd place finish in a 600 runner tourney for $168 and a 5th place finish for $432 in a 5087 runner tournament. The 5th place finish still haunts me a little though as first place took $1500 and I feel I should have made at least top 3, sigh! But all in all I’m moving in the right direction. Obviously I’m way ahead of my prediction and considering I’m playing only about 10 hours a week absolutely flying towards the finish line. If I hit $1k soon then I may push my target to $2k. Deep down I’m looking at trying to make $10k over 18 months but at the min all I want to do is take baby steps!

As far as traveling is concerned me and Emma are planning to go away to the canaries on the 16th of August however we are going to wait until the end of July to book the holiday and hopefully secure a cheap deal! 🙂

My golf is improving however still not at the rate I would like but I know what I need to work on and I’m sure it will all click together soon. And as for pool, one word sums me up; average! Which is nothing more than I would expect at the minute as I’m hardly practicing due to other commitments and hobbies. It’s something that is annoying me and I plan to put the effort in over the next couple of months to get me back to standard that helped me play for England Universities.

Except not today as it’s sunny outside, so get out there and enjoy it!

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