April; The best month so far of 2011

Ok, So I havent made a blog entry since the end of March and the reason why is because so many things have been happening! And for once things are looking up and April is shaping up to be a great month! First thing first updates;

1) I have entered 2 golf tournaments this month. The first of my life. To say I was nervous on the first tee would be an under-statement! I was absolutely bricking it! I felt like a cat checking out human feet! Anyway I actually performed quite well. In the first tournament which is a monthly medal I finished in about 20th position of around 70 runners and mid-table in division 1!

In the second tournament it was a pairs foursomes match in which my partner was my friend Michael ” BEAR” Falconar (who so happened to win division 2 on his debut! Big congrats there!) Anyway we started off on fire! After 10 holes we were only +3 and considering our joint handicapp was +19 we was killing the field! But then we hit the 5th and it was too the win, and needless to say “youngesters tend to try and smash the ball hard then they mess up”! which is exactly what happened! We then went 5,5,5,4,4 over the next 4 holes!

However compared to Rory at the masters it wasnt too bad! however we knew we were joint level going into the last hole against the other pair(one of them just happened to be the owner!lol) and would you believe, Bear drove out of bounds and mine(with the wind) flew past the green into the unknown and was never found…. Long story short…we scored no points on the last hole when 1 point would have won it for us (little did we know 🙂 ! but hey we cant complain it just makes me want to play more!

I also feel im at the stage now where I would rather play golf than pool! i love been outside and dropping it on the green or chipping in for an impossible birdie. I honestly need to evaluate whether or not I want to continue playing county pool! its a long day and contains long journeys for 4 games!

Moving on…. I cant believe how exciting the US Masters was and I have applied for tickets for 2012. The draw is in July and if i get chosen im not turning it down. there $75 and a flight would be around £350-£400 but I would save save and go with whoever wanted a trip!

2) Poker! well what a great last 2 weeks! I’ve turned $20 into $210 in 9 days following perfect bankroll management! always giving myself 20 buyings at each level with 60% to sit down at! currently at 0.05c/0.10c games and $6 sit down! but the big news is that all my profit has come from Omaha hi lo! The games on http://www.pokerstars.com/ are so soft and people rarely try to think about scooping the pot!

Im happy at the min grinding at this level but once I hit $300-$350 im gonna step upto 0.10c/0.25c! I will update you if I get there but I just got to keep focus and not gamble in margin spots. SMALL BALL is the motto!

3)Travels; Im off to venice next friday and up until today Emma didnt know where she was going. Im taking her away for her 25th and I cant wait! Should such a good 3 days. Anyway if I get some good photo’s I will put them up! Have a good weekend everyone! And last but not least,…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!

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