I have decided to commence my 1 week WEETABIX CHALLENGE on TUESDAY the 3rd of APRIL for exactly 7 days! I will be posting daily progress updates of how successful I have been and whether or not I have become mentally and physically unstable during this period.

The reason behind this challenge is that I need to ‘trim up’ and I believe the best starting place is to eat healthy aka non fatty food. According to my foster brother Richard Moyle, ‘You cannot put weight on by eating weetabix’. Well quite simply that answer was good enough for me so I’m gonna jump in and pick up a spoon. And if I do fall physically ill then at least we know who to blame, Dr Moyle 🙂

Here are the details of the challenge;
I will only be allowed to eat Weetabix for breakfast, dinner and Tea every single day for a week. No other food intake of any kind will be allowed! Not even sweets or chocolate!

Exception:I have provided myself with 1 evening of luxury and that will be to eat ONLY 2 chicken pieces on the Wednesday night at my local pub, the Trefusis Arms.

The main reason for this is, is that the cooking here is simply too good to miss and secondly chicken is very healthy so I can see no objective reason not too touch this. Even this will be a challenge in itself as there will be chips and garlic bread available but I will NOT even look at that let alone eat it!

If anybody feels that I should not eat these 2 pieces of Chicken then feel free to post saying ‘YES I CAN’ or ‘NO I CANT’. I will then go with answer that most people reply with!

Feel free to wish me luck!

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